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Green Space vs Access to Shops: Here Are The Top Must-Haves For Londoners Moving to a New Area

A lot of thought goes into finding your dream home. But what about your dream location?  Considering Wi-Fi, pet friendliness, local culture, access to green space and more, we surveyed 1,350 Londoners to discover what their main deal breakers are when considering a move to a new area, and whether they do much research first. 

As many as 3.6 million Londoners spend less than 30 minutes researching the area they’re moving to



As much as we might have strong preferences over what we want, our research suggests millions of us don’t spend a lot of time researching new areas.

Perhaps this is because we already know enough about an area before we’ve decided to move. If we’re thinking of moving somewhere, it’s likely because we already have enough information to know the area fits our needs. Maybe we’ve visited before or have heard good things through word of mouth. Perhaps it’s somewhere we’ve lived before, or we aren’t straying far from the neighbourhood we grew up in. Or maybe little effort was required as we found a reputable estate agent who knows the area well to do the hard work on our behalf.

It’s also possible that we’ve found the property of our dreams, which is more important to us than the location specifics.

Whatever the reason behind it, many Londoners spend little time researching the location they’re moving to.

Good Wi-Fi is just as important as low crime rates



For modern life, a speedy internet connection is so vital that we prioritise it almost as much as our safety! When asked what’s more important between low crime rates and good broadband, our poll participants were nearly split 50-50. With more of us now working from home, the importance of a good internet connection has become even more pronounced.

Research has found that buyers would only purchase a property with poor broadband if it were discounted 16%, and half would avoid areas with poor broadband completely.

Open green spaces trump easy access to shops and high streets



Our poll results show that access to parks and nature is far more important than getting a retail fix. Whether it’s days out with the family, picnics with friends, ice cream on a hot day or crisp Autumnal walks, the many benefits of green spaces make having them nearby a priority for Londoners.

3 in 5 say lack of green space is a potential dealbreaker when looking at different property locations, to the extent that Londoners are willing to pay a park premium to live closer to the city’s green spaces.

Local culture is a priority for Londoners looking to move house



Another focus for Londoners is the vibe of the local area. We care about the quality of life offered not just by a property itself but the area it resides in. Moving to a new area rich in culture, entertainment and community is so important to us that 3 in 5 say they prioritise this over finding a pet-friendly location for four-legged friends.

What Londoners look for when moving to a new area: green spaces, local culture and decent broadband

Overall, our poll results show Londoners prioritise aspects of a local area that enable them to be outside, enjoying nature and socialising, over other conveniences like shops or a high street. After months in lockdown, we value being out in the open and meeting friends more than ever before.

Plus, modern comforts like a good Wi-Fi connection are now essential to those looking to make the big move. With more of us working from home, this trend is unlikely to go away anytime soon.

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Method: Data gathered by polling 1,350 people on Instagram Stories