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How to Sell Your Home Fast

If you are looking to sell your house fast, it will be worthwhile to know that agents are likely to reach out to their potential buyers list in the first two weeks it is on the market. That means that you should act quickly and try to sell the property before the listing grows stale.


A key priority ought to be impressing buyers with what they see, both in photographs and when they have a physical property viewing. Some of the main things people look for when viewing a house include location, conditions and specifications of the house, style, space, transport links and light.


A recent study by Anglian Home Improvement revealed exactly what people look for when viewing a property. Fitting eye tracking glasses on a range of house hunters, the team who carried out the study were able to track exactly what grabbed people’s attention. The results show that 27% of viewers focus on furnishings and décor, while 24% spent time looking at clutter and mess. What’s more, the exterior features and garden attracted 22% of the participant’s focus, while 17% of time was spent looking through the windows at the outside view.


If you are looking to sell your home quickly, there are a few tried-and-tested methods you can carry out that are not only easy, but inexpensive too. By applying a few of the below tips to the sales process, you can expect offers in no time at all.


  1. Use a good agent
  2. Set the right price
  3. Stage your home
  4. Declutter
  5. Don’t get personal
  6. Make small upgrades
  7. Improve lighting
  8. Consider your kerb appeal
  9. Move your pets to another location


  1. Use a Good Agent


A good, knowledgeable agent will help you market and sell your property as fast and professionally as possible. Your agent will also possess the right contacts to help assist a smooth sale.



  1. Set the Right Price


Starting with a high asking price and then lowering it when the house fails to sell could result in a late sale or a much lower price. The first few weeks of placing the listing is probably the most activity sellers will see, so pricing the home too high from the start could turn buyers away. Sellers should look at the latest data to determine the average prices of the area to get a good understanding of its market value. Douglas and Gordon’s Asset Management team offers up-to-the-minute market insight for local areas.



  1. Stage Your Home


Home staging has become one of the most effective real estate marketing strategies. Statistics reveal that staged homes sell 8% more than non-staged homes. What’s more, staged homes spend an average of four months on the market compared to the six months of its non-staged counterparts. A professional home stager brings out the property’s best potential as seen through the eyes of a buyer.



  1. Declutter


Closet and storage space in a home is important, and any potential buyers coming to look at the property will likely check out the storage space available. Overstuffing closets will show that your home is lacking efficient storage. Declutter your home by using a storage unit while your home is on the market. A general rule would be to store a third of your belongings in a storage unit, which can include things like old baby clothes, holiday decorations, seasonal clothes, documents and even kitchen appliances. There are even portable units available that makes transportation to and from your home a breeze.



  1. Don’t Get Personal


Removing personal items like photographs or memorabilia allows the prospective buyer to visualise themselves in your house and it also helps to highlight the best features. Art pieces looks good but try to keep them as low-key, classy, and stylish as possible as it could distract from the house itself or end up not appealing to the taste of the buyer.



  1. Make Small Upgrades


Major remodels can prove to be expensive and there is no guarantee that you will get your money back through the sale of the home. Instead, consider making small upgrades in areas like the kitchen and bathroom as these are the rooms that buyers find most appealing. A new sink, cabinet hardware, light fixtures, curtains, and fresh hand towels are affordable and quickly transform a space and increase its appeal. The kitchen is the most valuable room in a house, so make sure it is updated and modern.



  1. Improve Lighting


A poorly lit or dark home can feel cold and depressing, while a bright home is warm and inviting, allowing the viewer to properly take in every corner of every room. Lighten things up by using both natural and artificial lightning. New, high wattage light bulbs will instantly brighten up a room, while open curtains and blinds bring in natural, subtle light. A fresh coat of paint in a light, neutral colour can also brighten rooms and make them appear larger.



  1. Consider Your Kerb Appeal


Kerb appeal refers to your home’s exterior, which is the first thing a buyer sees when viewing your listing. If the outside doesn’t look appealing a buyer wouldn’t even consider looking at the interior.  Tidy up the yard by clipping hedges, mowing the lawn, refreshing mulch and clearing away any dead leaves and dirt from the ground and in gutters. Consider pressure-washing your house and driveway, while a fresh coat of paint can also do wonders. Douglas and Gordon’s in-house Refurbishment and Renovations team is available if your property is in need of a refresh.



Home Staging Checklist


- Declutter closets and storage space as much as possible

- Get storage unit for your extra belongings while your house is on the market

- Remove personal photographs and memorabilia to make it easier for prospective buyers to envisage themselves in your home

- Leave some personality so that your house does not seem cold or generic

- Consider removing bulky furniture as it can make a room look or feel smaller and cluttered

- Give walls a fresh coat of paint to brighten rooms and make them appear lighter and bigger

- Make minor repairs including holes in walls, broken cupboard handles, faulty light fixtures and fused bulbs

- Tidy up the exterior of your house, including the garden and driveway

- Update and modernised the kitchen as much as possible

- Add wall mirrors to help a room look brighter and bigger

- Clean windows, inside and out

- Add attractive curtains and blinds as naked windows give a room a run-down or impersonal feel

- Plants, flowers, and fruit add colour and life to a room



If you are looking for professional advice on how to sell your house quickly, speak to  Douglas and Gordon’s specialist Client Services team today.