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Douglas & Gordon Gives Back For The Annual Christmas Gift Drive

Douglas & Gordon have proudly supported and fundraised for Veterans Aid since 2018, and this year was no different! 
The Christmas Gift Drive aims to spread joy to the residents of New Belvedere House, in a time that can be lonely for those without a family to share the holidays with.
Veterans Aid is a charity with an open-door policy, which ensures it is accessible to every veteran who seeks its help. This involves taking immediate, practical action to address basic needs and ensure that as a matter of priority veterans are clothed, fed and given safe accommodation. Non-veterans are then put in touch with other appropriate charities.


“Douglas & Gordon’s partnership with Veterans Aid is so positive and mutually beneficial throughout the year. We absolutely love supporting such a fantastic and forward-thinking charity and our, now annual, Christmas Gift Drive is a great example of that. The whole company enjoys getting involved and we received multiple presents from every single department. We really hope that these are enjoyed by the New Belvedere House residents and contribute to, what we are sure will be, a fantastic Christmas!” - Ailsa Alexander, Douglas & Gordon.
“For the second year in a row, Douglas & Gordon have helped spread joy and generosity to our residents at New Belvedere House. The individually-wrapped gifts are especially appreciated as they come at a time that can be lonely and difficult for those veterans estranged from their loved ones. All of us at Veterans Aid are so grateful for the continual support D&G has given over the years... they make a difference! Now time for our residents to dig into some mince pies!” – Dr. Hugh Milroy, CEO Veterans Aid.
If you would like to support this worthy charity this festive season, visit to donate.