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d&g&you: Up close and Personal

d&g&you: Up close and Personal

In an age of perpetually evolving technology, everything about your consumer experience is changing. The traditional buying funnel is a thing of the past and option after option is available to you, everywhere.


Whilst this ought to make life easier, the reality is that transactions too often fall short of expectations. Time and time again, high quality service is not a given.


So, the need for a personal and responsive customer experience – which takes all the stress out of your day-to-day life – is paramount.


At D&G, we’re proud that our customers have been centre-stage since 1958. We understand that each person we interact with is entirely unique.


We know that it takes time and energy to determine what you really need, and that’s why we’re willing to work harder for you than anyone else. It’s also how we’ve built a reputation for consistently delivering results.


It is with great pleasure that in December 2017 we’re unveiling our fresh, integrated d&g&you campaign to reflect these core customer values.


d&g&you confidently showcases our personalised approach to helping you, at every stage of your journey.


Sensitive imagery reflects the human element of the home, and the personal connection people have to their home environment. It’s a visual language to convey the empathy present in all we do for you.


Our photos all contain narratives and offer a window into people’s lives, and Lola is no exception…



Introducing Lola:


Lola is a French bulldog who thinks she’s human. She’s extremely doting and loyal: she is an integral part of her family and everyone who meets her falls in love with her. Explore this Instagram page to see more of Lola in her day-to-day family life.



Behind the scenes:


For Lola’s modelling debut, we took her to a kitted out studio in downtown Shoreditch.


True to her character, Lola listened, observed, and absorbed her surroundings inquisitively. She sat on her stool and didn’t move an inch, absolutely loving the attention and her moment in the limelight!



Lola reflects a great deal about D&G’s brand: she’s attentive, brave and conscious of the people around her. Not only that, but she’s the most fashionable dog going!


As our adverts say, everything’s easier when you’ve got the right team around you. Buying, selling, renting or letting isn’t stressful when it’s d&g&you.