We Love Local: Upsy Daisy Bakery

Thursday, May 14, 2015 | by

About Upsy Daisy Bakery

Located in the popular borough of Hammersmith, Upsy Daisy Bakery is a boutique cake shop and café offering sweet toothed visitors everything from bespoke cupcakes to afternoon tea.


How it all began

Upsy Daisy Bakery was founded just five years ago in 2010 by Matthew Warren and baker Emily Johnson. Looking for an alternative to the host of coffee shop chains popping up around London, they aimed to create their own traditional café. They wanted to promote something that was welcoming, home grown, local and British. This style has clearly resonated with locals as is seen by their great success over the past few years.



Upsy Daisy Bakery serves a unique range of brewed loose leaf teas, organic coffee and some truly tasty breakfast, brunch and lunch dishes, made using fresh ingredients. When you walk into the café you will find a counter fully stocked with fresh, hand-made baked goods, from scones to apple pie, there’s a range of goodies available for all tastes.


What makes them unique

As they say on their site, Upsy Daisy makes “cupcakes for people who don’t usually like cupcakes!”

From their changing daily cupcake flavours to their alcohol inspired ‘cuptails’, the bakery offers customers something truly unique. Packed with fresh, exciting flavours, their cupcakes are free of additives and synthetic flavourings.

And their commitment to their craft hasn’t gone unnoticed. Their cupcakes have already been awarded with The National Cupcake Championships top prize and Two Great Taste Awards!

Here at Douglas & Gordon we love celebrating local businesses that go the extra mile. Upsy Daisy bakery is one home grown hangout we’d definitely suggest to anyone with a sweet tooth who are looking for something a little different. For more information on the Upsy Daisy Bakery, visit http://www.upsydaisybakery.com/