We Love Local: Natures Purest Balham

Thursday, August 14, 2014 by Douglas And Gordon


Tell us a little bit about Natures Purest.

Natures Purest is a British company, headquartered in Kibworth, near to Market Harborough. Jane Albon founded Natures Purest in 2006 after she discovered a gap in the market for organic and natural baby products. Balham is the first Natures Purest shop in London and the fourth store in the UK. There are also many stockists who sell small selections of the Natures Purest products.


When did the Balham branch of Natures Purest first open?

Natures Purest Balham is brand new – it opened its doors on 20th June – after a long search to find a property in Balham.


What do you think makes Natures Purest unique?

Natures Purest has one major (and very important) feature that makes it unique: the use of organically-grown, naturally-coloured cotton. We truly believe in giving babies the best possible start in life and that includes ensuring that their bedding, blankets, clothing and toys are free from nasty chemicals, dyes and pesticides. The average “100% cotton” garment actually only contains 75% cotton: the other 25% is made up of harmful chemicals, heavy metals, dyes and other industrial nasties. At Natures Purest, we are proud to say “100% cotton, 100% true” as our cotton is free from all of these. Our cotton is also grown safely on a family cotton farm and hand-picked at harvest time. Due to its unique natural colour, Natures Purest baby products come in shades of soft cream, green and brown.

All the products are made in Sri Lanka (many in Natures Purest’s only factory) or in two other factories specifically selected for their “Garments Without Guilt” certification, meaning that workers are treated well, factories adhere to top safety standards and money is put back into local education and amenities.

As the shop owner, I strive to ensure that this shop is a green as its products; the shop uses Good Energy and energy-saving LED lighting. I am keen to live up to Natures Purest’s tag line “Great for baby, good for the environment.”


What do you love most about working there?

I love the community feel of the area of Balham. I have only been open a few weeks and have had returning customersalready. I feelvery supported by local companies as we re-tweet each other and they love all the products in the shop. The shop has had a lot of compliments from customers and passers-by too. As this is a franchise, I also have the luxury of support from the Head Office and the two ladies who own the other franchise shops.


Do you have a range that is particularly popular? Personally, which is your favourite?

The most popular range has been the Pure Love Range. It is a cream rangemixing organic cotton with silk trim and features a cute bunny character. Therange (like all Natures Purest products) is super-soft: feeling is believing when it comes to this shop!

I shouldn’t have a favourite range; I do however love the Sleepy Sheepy Range. It is one of the newer ranges that have been developed due to customer demand. It reminds me of when I was young as one of my aunties (who lives in Balham) bought my brothers and I soft toy lambs when we were all born!


Do you have any funny or particularly memorable moments at Natures Purest?

I have now had a toddler trying to go to bed in my display Cot-Bed which is set up as a bed. I was very impressed, he took his shoes off! There is also a little boy who is at the cruising stage of walking who loves walking up and down my ramp.


What do you think the advantages of natural materials are for babies?

As skin is our largest organ, it is great to be able to start life looking after it! There have been babies with allergies and eczema who have worn the clothes and slept in the bedding whose rashes have gone as no chemicals are entering the baby’s body.As with any other chemicals, the chemicals in the cotton in which we wrap our babies pass through the skin and into the bloodstream. Just think of how effective chemical patches (such as contraceptive and nicotine patches) are in adult skin!


At Douglas & Gordon, we love local. Why do you love Balham?

I love Balham because it has some lovely shopping spots, and lots of independent cafes. Many years ago, I attended St Francis Xavier which I enjoyed! I have always lived near here. The people are friendly, which you don’t get in all areas of London.


Do you have any favourite spots around Balham?

I have eaten at some of the lovely restaurants in Balham on both the High Road and Bedford Hill with friends.


Anything else you would like to add?

To find me Monday to Saturday, I’m at 78 Balham High Road. That’s opposite Balham Beds and between the Post Office and the Salvation Army Hall. If you are a member of the NCT and show your card, you get a 5% discount, as you also do if you show a Live Shop Local Card. I offergreat deals on bedding and furniturebundles to give local people a great product at a great price. Please ask in store, it will be lovely to meet you.


Natures Purest is collaborating with Douglas & Gordon to celebrate the love of all things local and are kindly offering a £50 voucher to one lucky winner. To enter, simply visit our Facebook page and tell us what makes the Balham area so wonderful for raising kids. To find out more about Natures Purest visit naturespurest.co.uk