We Love Local: Feng Sushi

Thursday, October 16, 2014 by Douglas And Gordon

Tell us a little bit about Feng Sushi

The first Feng Sushi opened 15 years ago in Fulham and we have since grown to 9 locations across London. Our ambition is to deliver lovingly handmade, fresh, seasonal and sustainably sourced sushi to homes and offices across London. We have a seasonal menu that changes 6 times a year. 

When and how did Feng Sushi first begin?

Feng Sushi opened at the turn on the millennium. Jeremy Rose and Silla Bjerrum saw an opportunity in the market for sushi delivery and took advantage of that very opportunity. Jeremy focused on the business side whereas Silla focused on the operations. Since then Luke Johnson has invested in the business and is the largest shareholder with Silla taking on the Managing Director role.

What do you think makes Feng Sushi unique?

We aren't your traditional Japanese restaurant with a typical Japanese brand and menu. We are more modern and are influenced by Japanese authenticity but also add a modern flare to dishes. Ultimately we have the most popular Japanese classics but we also develop the menu to include some more unique dishes throughout the year.

What do you love most about working there?

I love the innovation that goes into the menu. It's very seasonal and I haven't really tasted dishes like it with a healthy spin on a lot of authentic dishes and even a Scandinavian flare from time to time as Silla is from Denmark. 

What kind of atmosphere can patrons expect to find when visiting?

When visiting Southbank or Borough it's a real Japanese foodie atmosphere with modern interiors - it's a casual place to eat great quality sushi and Japanese dishes. 

Tell us more about your commitment to sustainability?

We only source fish from sustainably farmed or sustainable dish sources. Our salmon is from Loch Duart in Scotland, the mackerel from Cornwall, and our crabs from Devon... the list goes on! British produce where possible will always be used and we ensure we visit all our suppliers. Silla visited our rice farmers, who are actually in Italy as we try reduce our food miles. Even our tofu is made fresh organically in Brick Lane, believe it or not! Check out our sustainability section on our website. 

Tell us more about your sushi classes and what goes on?

Silla teaches at the Billingsgate sushi school. It's an early start to catch the fish market but you'll really see what fish comes into London fresh and learn what goes into making quality sushi. Silla will then talk you through making different kinds of sushi rolls and, depending on the course, cutting fish. It's a unique sushi school that does much more than rolling a few makis!

At Douglas & Gordon, we love local. Why do you love London?

We owe London and everyone in it everything we have. Without London we wouldn't have seen the rise in Londoners’ love of sushi. From Chalk Farm in Fulham, Borough to Canary Wharf, we go everywhere and love the different pockets of shops, cafes, businesses and people. London is diverse, changing, innovative and dynamic, and we love that! 

Do you have any favourite spots around London?

We can't choose! There are too many. Each driver might be able to tell you their favourite spots but it would be anything from London Bridge to the Kings Road, Ravenscourt Park to Abbey Road and everywhere in between!

Feng Sushi is collaborating with Douglas & Gordon for love of all things local. To find out more about Feng Sushi’s offers and locations, visit their website at fengsushi.co.uk