Under Offer- Estate Agents on the job

Friday, July 25, 2014 | by Douglas And Gordon

Last year D&G were approached by BettyTV to participate in a program for the BBC chronicling the trials and tribulations of being an Estate Agent. Notwithstanding the reputational risks they seemed genuinely intent on producing something to reflect that selling property, ie getting actual money into a seller’s pocket, is not like falling off a log. The ensuing six part series, entitled “Under Offer: Estate Agents on the job” clearly showed the work involved in attending to sellers’ concerns and the not inconsiderable effort that goes in to seeing a deal through to its conclusion.

Despite early sniping the series eventually seemed to win viewers over and silence critics and we are proud of our contribution. Two clips, one featuring Executive Director Ed Mead and the other Chelsea Negotiator Eileen Neville (an undoubted star of the show) are available to see here. Other clips from the series can be seen on the BBC Website.

Executive Director Ed Mead

Chelsea Negotiator Eileen Neville