The London Barometer July 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012 by Douglas And Gordon

Sales: July 2012

Market Comment

“July seems to show, rather surprisingly given the Olympics, Jubilee and summer holidays, that it’s pretty much business as usual for the London market. Applicants are up 20% year on year and stock levels remain stubbornly low. While sentiment in the UK generally seems to be negative London’s image as a go to City seems to be repairing itself in the reflected warmth of the Olympic Games.

“Furthermore with five year fixed rate mortgages at under 3% perhaps real activity in the Autumn market will surprise us all.”

Ed Mead, Director



Lettings: July 2012 

Market Comment

“Now is a really brilliant time to think about renting a property with the market quiet due to the ‘no fly zone’ created by the Olympics and supply at a three year high which is forcing landlords to be flexible. All the indicators are that pent up market activity will make September a phenomenally busy month for the London rentals market.

“Book early to avoid disappointment.”

Virginia Skilbeck, Lettings Director