The London Barometer December 2013

Friday, December 06, 2013 by Douglas And Gordon

December 2013 / Sales Market Comment “ With recent publicity around price rises in London we are unsurprisingly experiencing an unseasonably high number of people enquiring about selling, but many will probably only sell if they achieve their perceived magic figure. “Despite the story being the same as usual with ever decreasing stock levels, 2/3rds of our house stock is under offer whilst 40% of flats are similarly under offer, showing that there is still a high demand for family homes in the capital.“The announcement today on CGT being payable by international buyers from April 2015 is unlikely to tackle any supposed emerging bubble in the property market in London, 72% of a gain is still a gain." Ed Mead, Director       December 2013 / Lettings  Market Comment “The number of properties available to let is consistent with the same time last year, as is demand. The market is usually less busy in December as people’s minds turn to the festive season and the schools break up for the Christmas holidays. January usually brings a rush of demand as the New Year is often the springboard for anyone looking to move. “The new breed of mature professional sharers is altering landlords preconceptions. These tenants are in search of high quality but affordable properties to rent outside of traditional Prime Central London and have a vested interest and desire to develop a longterm relationship with their landlord. “International investor landlords’ appetites do not seem to be diminished by the threat of CGT.” Virginia Skilbeck, Lettings Director