Ten answers to Agents Mutual questions posed in portal debate

Friday, July 11, 2014 by Ed Mead

My short answers to 10 questions posed at the end of this debate on #agentsmutual's impending arrival http://www.rightmove.co.uk/news/files/2014/07/portal-debate1.pdf

1. The corporates are c. 10% of the market. I don't think their stock not appearing on #agentsmutual REALLY matters

2.Given #agentsmutual advertising spend is it really so difficult to believe public will check 3 rather than 2 portals. Agents will cobrand.

3. They could if they wanted to, and being PLCs who's to say pressure wouldn't force them, #agentsmutual is a way to countermand that.

4. In some areas it would reinforce Rightmove's position but agents would see that it works and disrupts and would gain confidence. #agentsmutual

5.Why would a consumer notice, they'll just see #agentsmutual advertising & cobranding + are 3 portals really tougher than 2 to look at.

6. This question belies a lack of understanding. #agentsmutual brings the agents' advertising spend and their stock. Past entrants didn't.

7. This shows agents' confidence and that they believe #agentsmutual protects their business model and serves the market best.

8.Google always has potential to disrupt but thinking public won't look at 3 rather than 2 portals seems counter intuitive #agentsmutual

9. Private listings have always been a part of property sales wherever they list, sellers seem to prefer a human interface. #agentsmutual

10. Most sites have started this way. Primelocation started with total exclusivity, it's a business model, no more. #agentsmutual