Southfields Office Update

Monday, October 03, 2011 by Douglas And Gordon

Having worked in Clapham and Battersea for 6 years, I had my reservations about moving further out, after only a few I was completely drawn in by Southfields & Earlsfield. 

I am sure many Southfields residents were extremely disappointed when they found out that yet another estate agent was opening up in what is - let's face it - a pretty small patch of road.  But that was before they realised how lovely our new Douglas & Gordon office would look!  

Apart from the gentleman who seems extremely keen to “bring back the launderette” - the old Coin Op which previously occupied the D&G site at 24 Replingham Road - I have been blown away by how friendly, welcoming and supportive the local residents are.

Those fortunate enough to know about, or even live in Southfields or Earlsfield will be well aware of the benefits: excellent schools, little shops and restaurants, green open spaces, and above all the thriving village atmosphere and community spirit.  This feels like a lovely piece of suburbia, and it’s only 25 minutes to Victoria from Southfields on the District Line or 15 minutes into Waterloo from Earlsfield mainline station.

In our first three weeks of opening, we registered over 60 new buyers and brought 10 new properties onto the market.  The benefit of a good agent should not be underestimated: a good agent should not only get you 10% more for your property but will also help the process to run smoothly from initial instruction through to completion, and minimise the stress all round.

In terms of the market here, it is the classic story of too many buyers for not enough properties.  Across Douglas and Gordon’s network of offices, supply in July 2011 was 40% lower than it was in July 2010 but demand had only fallen by 20%. 

With demand being so high and prices being pushed up, it is little wonder that buyers are starting to look more and more to different locations outside of their original search area in an effort to find what they set out to buy within budget. 

We are finding that buyers who previously owned flats in Battersea and Clapham, and cannot afford to upsize within the area, are looking to other locations such as Earlsfield and Southfields to find their next home.  Once they are here, they find it difficult to leave and often the next move is the big one to a village outside of London but within commuting distance.