Misdescriptions all the rage…..apparently.

Thursday, January 07, 2010 by Ed Mead

It struck me last night crashed out in front of the TV that there’s an awful lot of misdescription going on in the adverts we’re all forced to watch. It’s beginning to get seriously annoying, and I’m sure you feel the same, seeing actress after TV presenter after reality “star” all claiming some potion or contraption keeps their skin looking young and that we’re all worth it. As a Court decided in 08 a certain brand was misleading, and they weren’t the only one. What makes these ads all the more difficult to watch is the obvious point that most of those you see with lovely hair skin or lashes seem to be either wearing false extensions or owe their new found lack or wrinkles to a plastic surgeon. There are times when it’s so obvious you almost feel it must be a p*** take.

Now if millions are forced to watch this claptrap it seems a bit silly to allow the pastiche that is property descriptions to be legislated out of existence by a few jobsworths. These people don’t seem to realize that most property descriptions are treated with the same seriousness as the audience treats widow twanky not seeing the obvious baddy behind her. It’s pantomime stupid, always has been and always will be.

In 30 years of doing this I’ve never once had a complaint about a description from a buyer, but sellers now complain all the time because existing rules allow almost no artistic license or indeed scant regard for any form of flattering prose at all.

No doubt there’s some QANGO somewhere that continues to meet and decide that we can’t be let off the leash and as long as estate agents are threatened with a criminal record (!) for being a bit adventurous another potentially vaguely interesting part of our heritage will fall victim to the pathetic creep of political correctness.