Market Predictions

Thursday, January 14, 2010 by Ivor Dickinson

Prices/Stock- In D&G land, Central and SW London exclusively, prices last year rose bybetween 12 and 20% depending on the property.

Unless there is a dramatic rise in stock levels I don`t see any reason why things should be that different in 2010. The forthcoming election will deter house sellers yet again, with vendors delaying moving in the hope that a Tory government might remove some of the punitive shackles that this government have inflicted on the housing market.

Focus for 2010 - My main priority for this year is staff. This recession has deterred people from moving within the industry and has seriously impacted on the amount of quality candidates wishing to join the industry. The hunt is on for high calibre estate agents.

Plans for 2010-Probably consolidation, 2009 was actually a very good year for both sales and lettings due to the constant demand and limited stock. I think the electionwill play a big part this year and so despite last year`s success I am not entirely convinced that they will be repeated in 2010 and I am therefore not planning massive expansion or dramatically increased marketing.

Market wish for 2010-Damn location ,location, location.........I want property, property, property, both for sales and lettings, and a few decent negotiators would be nice.