D&G’s second best month in the company’s 51 year history in July 2009

Wednesday, August 05, 2009 by Douglas And Gordon

Estate Agents in London, Douglas & Gordon has announced July as its second best performing month in the history of the company, the best being July 2007.

  • July and August were expected to be very quiet
  • Actual applicant levels in July 2009 were the same as July 2007
  • Three times as many applicants in July 2009 as July 2008
  • July was the fourth consecutive month of increased activity for D&G sales
  • More than double the sales were agreed in July 2009 as July 2008
  • Prices have adjusted to such a degree that the market is moving again
  • Trend: Landlords are selling rental properties and tenants are coming out of rented properties to buy
  • However, both sales and lettings are busy

Revenue - ratio of sales to lettings

July 2007                          July 2009

61% : 22%                        51% : 30%

  • Buyer sentiment is that now is the time to buy
  • Buyers and sellers in the current market are serious and as a result, fewer transactions are falling through
  • Bricks and mortar is still a more favourable alternative investment to money in the bank or other underperforming asset classes
  • Mortgages are not as difficult to come by as most think
  • Because of the recession, as a company, we have improved – having to work that much harder and smarter

Douglas & Gordon is now recruiting again.