D&G are going foraging for food on 1st December

Wednesday, November 03, 2010 by Ivor Dickinson

Things aren’t as bad as you might think – we are still able to eat at D&G, even though the market has changed. However, there are thousands of children in London who are not so lucky. D&G have worked for over 10 years with the homeless charity Shelter. This year, however, they are doing something very different. All 200 D&G employees will dedicate 1st December to the extraordinary children’s’ charity Kids Company.

Ivor Dickinson, D&G’s Managing Director, says “I have a cousin working at Kids Company who cornered me on my summer holiday which led to a meeting with Camila Batmanghelidjh and a tour of their headquarters in Blackfriars.  I was already fairly committed, but after that meeting, there was no going back. Camila explained that at Christmas they like to give hampers to all the 14,000 children they look after but they need filling. I thought that surely nothing could be simpler. So on 1st December, it’s Kids Company Day at D&G. Each office will be spend the whole day knocking on doors in their respective areas and quite literally foraging for food. I reckon that everyone must at least donate a can of baked beans for a London child. Otherwise, really what has this world come to. I have some very persuasive people at D&G so I am expecting to collect literally thousands of items of food. I have booked lorries to ferry produce from our offices to Kids Company headquarters all day long. If people aren’t going to be in, they can deliver produce to our offices. Basically, it has to be non-perishable, rice, biscuits, tins and most heartbreaking of all, baby food. I’m really, really hoping that the homeowners in D&G land will get behind this, the most important day in our calendar, and give generously in any way they can to Kids Company. So please, be ready for us if you live anywhere between Notting Hill and Balham we will be knocking on your door on 1st December”.