declutter your property for free to sell fast

Monday, February 17, 2014 by Ed Mead

In many years of talking to prospective sellers its been easy to get the impression that once they've decided to sell they really just want it done. Some half heartedly ask if they should be doing anything but you know that when you talk about getting walls painted or carpet changed the chances are it won't be done. Its not that they can't afford it or don't have the will, its the fact that mentally they've moved out.

The one thing anyone marketing a property expects is for it to be kept tidy, and in these acquisitive times that can be a big ask.

Decluttering is obvious but presents its own problems. Where to take the stuff that's lying around. Self storage means finding a place, [not] filling it, having to actually hump the stuff to it and remember to collect it. Other solutions are expensive.

When westore approached us we instantly recognised that this could be the answer. Small boxes, delivered to your door to be collected again and securely stored. These same boxes can then be returned whenever the property is sold, and, if you instruct Douglas & Gordon, all for free.

It's a small add on service but one we feel is easy, slick and genuinely helps showcase your property in it's best light whilst securely looking after your stuff until your bigger place where it'll fit is ready. And it's FREE.

To see more please click on the link below or do talk to your local office and ask how instructing us could give you the very best chance of selling your home.