Can we have our Knightsbridge streets back please......

Thursday, November 10, 2011 by Ed Mead

Needing to buy a birthday present for my brother in law I thought I’d wander up to an overpriced field sports shop in Knightsbridge. I might as well have gone to Doha, although it could just as easily have been Rome, Athens, Paris or Sydney. I felt like a foreigner and have to say I came back across some kind of invisible border on Sloane Street into Chelsea and felt a rush of relief. 

When people talk about QE they actually mean devaluation, the tool denied the Eurozone, which is creating this upmarket ghetto and has spawned a ghastly machine designed to feed it. The old landmarks of my youth are now buried in Burkas and Louboutins, but knowing London as I do I can retreat to oases (no pun intended) of calm further west and south. But for those kids who look forward to a day out in London as one of their annual treats they’re going to be horrified. Harrods is no longer a day out, its purgatory, parking is impossible as there are so many hideous oversized heaps blocking the way and the sheer size of people walking on the pavements is such that you’re diving for the gutter rather than enjoying the architecture. Don’t want to sound too stiff here but even the architecture in the area is suspect with steel and glass seemingly the new residence of choice. 

That all sounds negative and we should be grateful for our livelihoods, but the feeling that our capital is being homogenised and beginning to feel like living in an airport hit me like a wet kipper whilst out walking earlier.

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