By July 2015 there will be nothing left to sell

Friday, September 13, 2013 by Ed Mead


Looking at our monthly Barometer it’s startling how much has changed over the last few years and how we simply accept it. July supply sits at about 40% of what it was three years ago and the trend is relentless. We need to stop and examine whether the entire show is going to grind to an unedifying halt, if we extrapolate the figures at some point in c. July 2015 there won’t be anything for sale at all. We know there are those who HAVE to sell, but they’re rare and the excitement generated by our area and the market it creates now resembles a faded big top circus. Unashamedly mixing my metaphors here, those who make a living from it are like animals visiting a drying waterhole, and we know what they’ll do to get a lifesaving drink. To continue with the theme, a subtle player in the market told me last week that in the old days people wouldn’t miss the odd deal as the herd was moving so fast, but now it’s very tough and everything has thinned out with competition fierce, and many of the beasts are dying off. Shame.