April 2006 Shelter Campaign

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 by Douglas And Gordon

Shelter 2006

Not quite the gossip you are used to...

Douglas & Gordon have teamed up with Leo Burnett and the homeless charity Shelter to generate a hard hitting campaign which will run throughout the year.

Our role is to raise awareness of Shelter and the appalling conditions some people in London have to live in. In amongst our window displays there will be a door way or squat supposedly for sale, in D&G’s own magazine Bridge there is a double page spread of similar photographs supposedly for sale and the same will happen when applicants scroll down the lists on our website. All Shelter marketing will have a dark red linear at the top as opposed to D&G’s blue and the telephone number will take you directly to Shelter. D&G have already given a sizeable donation to Shelter but our main role is to raise awareness and encourage people to find out for themselves about Shelter and if the public want to give, then that is entirely up to them.

Choosing D&G

Douglas & Gordon was chosen by the advertising agent Leo Burnett as the only agent that they felt was brave enough to tackle a campaign such as this. Both the public and the press have been very supportive and impressed by how innovative this campaign is and the fact that D&G are really trying to make a difference rather than cynically contributing a few pence from every house sale to charity.