Ad Campaigns 2011

Saturday, January 01, 2011 by Douglas And Gordon

Extraordinary People

Our 2011 ad campaign focus's on the extraordinary people who work at Douglas & Gordon because it's  our people that make us great!

January - Pippa Lee

Dance Instructor and Receptionist

Always under the spotlight at the helm in head office, Pippa is the leading lady on reception. Our people are what make us great, and Pippa is never in a spin, unless it’s a graceful pirouette.


February - Stephanie Nash

Rabbit Trainer and Lettings Negotiator

When it comes to the crunch you can rely on Stephanie to pass the test. Our people are what make us great, and Stephanie can always be found at the top of the class.



Luke Bidwell 

Boxer and Sales Negotiator 

Stephen Yorke 

Boxer and Chairman D&GIM Ltd

With all the hours they spend in the ring these two gentleman boxers have unlimited stamina. Our people are what make us great, and Luke and Stephen fl oat likebutterfl ies and sting like bees.


April - George Franks

Chapter and verse

If you need proof that estate agents can be creative with words, then George is the authority. Our People are what make us great, when it comes to property George wrote the book.


May - It Comes easel-y

Amanda Bastin - Artist and Lettings Manager

Nic Pejacsevich - Artist and Sales Assistant Manager

Julian Jephson - Life Model and Sales Negotiator

With and artful palette of skills Nic & Amanda keep the property market in perspective whilst Julian proves he is a model professional. Our people are what makes us great, we think you get the picture.


June - Lottie Lambert

Recipe for success - Baker / Sailor and Lettings Manager

Lottie possesses all the ingredients necessary to be a whizz in the kitchen, on the waves and in the office. Our people are what make us great, and with Lottie it's plain sailing.


July - Francesca Flavell

Perfect Service - Wimbledon Junior Doubles Quarter-Finalist and Sales Negotiator

You can rely on Francesca to serve up the aces as a former member of the Junior World Top 100. Our people are what makes us great, and with Francesca it's game, set and a perfect match.


August - Katherine & Charlotte Ilett

Flavour of the month - Ice Cream Makers and Sales Negotiator

Having grown up on a dairy farm making ice cream, Katherine and Charlotte know how to stay chilled under pressure. Our people are what make us great, and The Iletts are the ice-cream of the crop.

September - Eileen Neville

In the groove - Roller Skater and Sales Negotiator

You'll have to get your skates on to keep up with Eileen who is always one of our top negotiators. Our people are what make us great, and Eileen knows how to roll with it.


October - Mum's the word

Alix Stuart Bruges - Mother and Director
Anna Logue - Mother and Sales Negotiator
Kirsty Burnham - Mother and Assistant Manager
Susie Kendall - Mother and Associate Director

If they can cope with these children, they can cope with anything. These D&G girls prove their multi-tasking skills daily with great aplomb. Our people are what make us great, and our working mothers are unflappable.


November - It's a kind of magic

Ivor Dickinson - Magician and Managing Director
Emily Akers -
Magician's Assistant and Team Assistant

Whether smoke and mirrors or plain old magic, Ivor and Emily conjure success after success. Our people are what make us great, and this pair are just the trick.

December - Model professional

Maddie Lewington - The Perfect Sales Manager

If perfect sales managers were mass produced, they would use Maddie for the mould. Our people are what make us great, and Maddie is just what you always wanted.