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10 Reasons Why London is the Best City in the World to Live in


For many Londoners, the reality of living in the capital means working hard. Sometimes it's easy to forget why living here is so great, so we thought we’d remind you of a few reasons why London is often dubbed ‘the best place to live in the world’.


1. In London today, there are over 270 nationalities present and over 300 languages are spoken - more than in any other metropolis. This sheer diversity makes London a world capital of culture.


2. History here extends over 2000 years and is showcased through iconic architecture, museums and galleries that are largely free to attend.


3. London is home to some of the best schools and universities, with Imperial, UCL and LSE ranked highly on international leader boards. There are a total of 40 higher education institutions here (excluding foreign universities with London branches).


4. Every district is easily accessible via cross rail, airport transfers, buses, trams, the DLR and night tubes.


5. With such a wide range of properties available, from characterful period homes to stylish, contemporary new builds, there’s availability for everyone and you’re guaranteed to find the right property to suit your needs. Contact a Douglas & Gordon expert if you're in need of any property assistance.


6. 47% of London is green space, and 60% is classified as open space, which means you can get your fix of fresh air and nature easily.


7. Job opportunities are endless. With over half of the UK's FTSE companies and over 100 of Europe's 500 largest businesses having their headquarters in central London, you can understand why so many flock here.


8. London is a great place to work, but it’s also the perfect place to relax with friends. With numerous bars and traditional British pubs to be found on every corner, there’s no shortage of places to socialise.


9. London is one of the top 20 most safe cities to live in.


10. If you're a football fan, London is definitely the place to be. It has the most football clubs of any city in Europe, with 10 teams in the top two English leagues.




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