The Most Dog-Friendly Places in London Revealed


Around 45% of the population owns a pet in the UK, so if you’re looking to make your next move in the capital but need to take your canine companion into account, we’ve ranked the most dog-friendly places in London to help you narrow down your choice.

As the most pet-friendly city in Europe, London ranks above cities like Paris, Rome, Madrid and Berlin for its pet-centric infrastructure and lifestyle options, like doggy daycares, vets, pet-friendly restaurants and more.

The London Underground has also been voted the most dog-friendly public transport system globally, which makes travel in and around the city easy and comfortable for our companions.

In London, around 14% of the population has a cat, and 9% have a dog. Since the UK went into lockdown, demand for pet-friendly rentals skyrocketed by 120% in London. Since the trend is likely to continue, which areas should you look in when searching for a pet-friendly property?

Which borough has the most properties with gardens?

Kingston ranks highest

Enquiries for properties with garden space has been growing ever since the pandemic ignited demand for outdoor space. Today, Brits are looking for a garden and balcony space for their animals as the search for pet-friendly homes continues to grow.

Fortunately, if you are looking for properties with plenty of outdoor space, there are a couple of boroughs to choose from. When it comes to areas with the highest number of properties for sale offering a garden, these areas outrank the rest.  

Percentage of properties for sale offering a garden:

  • Kingston - 58%
  • Lewisham - 54%
  • Greenwich - 52%
  • Wandsworth - 50%

The rental market echoes this trend for pet owners. Kingston comes top when it comes to rental properties with outdoor space, as 47% of homes offer a garden. This time, Wandsworth is second with 45%, followed by Greenwich with 44% and Lewisham with 41% of properties delivering on outdoor space.

Not surprisingly, the City of Westminster offers the least property with outdoor space, whether you’re renting (23%) or buying (35%).

Not all rental properties with garden space are pet-friendly, and currently, only 7% of private landlords advertise pet-friendly properties in the UK. Luckily, the Model Tenancy Agreement announced in January 2021 means consent for pets is now the default position, making pet-friendly homes much more accessible. It is recommended to chat to your letting agent for advice when approaching a potential landlord about a pet.

Which borough has the greenest spaces for dog walks

Kingston ranks highest

With garden space coming at a premium, it’s good to know that as much as 47% of London is considered ‘green space’ with 3,000 parks situated across the city. When it comes to being dog friendly, London really has the edge over capitals across the world.

Kingston is London’s green space champion with 183 parks, gardens, recreation grounds and nature reserves. It’s part of Hampton Court Park with Canbury Gardens, Claremont Gardens and Berrylands Nature Reserve, all being ideal for long walks with your pet.

Richmond is a close second thanks to nearby Bushy Park, Hampton Court, Kew Gardens and Richmond Park. All of these are perfect spots to take your pup for some exercise.

Despite the lack of properties with a garden, Westminster has over 100 green spaces – including St James’ Park and Green Park – they can get busy with millions of tourists flocking to these areas each year.

Access to dog walkers, dog groomers & vets

How much is a dog walker in London? Dog walkers, boarders and sitters are available throughout London. Research shows the average price for a dog walker in the capital is £13.45 per walk, but this could be slightly higher or lower.

Dog groomers are available across London too, with some even mobile and able to come to your home. How much you’ll pay depends on the breed and size of your dog along with the length of its hair and the service you need.

If your dog needs medical attention, a check-up or help with its heath, you can easily find a vet in the capital. There are more than 200 RCVS-registered vets across almost every postcode across London, whether you’re looking for a national practice, modern veterinary hospital or local independent surgery.

This means that wherever you are in the city, there’s no shortage of people to help you take care of your companion in dog-friendly London.

Dog-Friendly London restaurants and pubs

The good news is that London’s filled with places that you can eat and drink with your dog in tow. There are also no shortages in finding dog-friendly restaurants in London. Even better, there are even dog-friendly restaurants in London that specifically offer a canine menu for your four-legged friends.

Whether you’re looking for a rooftop bar, local pub or upmarket eatery, you’ll be able to find your perfect match in any one of London’s boroughs. If all else fails, you can always head for a picnic in the park with your pooch.

Is London Dog Friendly?

When it comes to gardens, green space, caring for your pet and integrating them into your daily life, London is extremely dog friendly.

The borough of Kingston ranks highest with the most dog-friendly places in London, with a wealth of outdoor space for exercise. Around 50% of properties feature a garden and access to a considerable number of services to support you as a dog owner.

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