This Year's Top Design Trends


As the world began to open its doors again after Covid-19 there were questions about which pandemic trends would remain and which would fade away. One that had more of an impact than others was working from home.

We all spent way TOO much time inside from March 2020 through the following year, however that gave a lot of people time to take a better look at the spaces they call home. It is somewhere we can take for granted when things get busy, whether it be work or social life, some months we spend more waking hours out than in. But during the pandemic people became more attached to their homes and in turn many wanted to improve them.

Whether it be some simple DIY ideas or a dream for a full-scale remodel there is a lot that can be done to improve your living space. And since more people are working from home, design has become a big factor when making additions or doing renovations. There is a desire for spaces that feel comfortable and minimize distractions. Have a look at our list of the most current design trends so you can make the most out of your home!

Introduce Nature

Introducing nature into your home can be transformative. Flowers or succulents will not only brighten the space but the add less visible effects like keeping the air fresh and clean. Earth tones keep the mind at ease and reduce stress which promotes a more ideal working environment. The addition of plants might also turn your attention towards one of our other trends, natural lighting. But, if plants are enough by themselves and you don't know where to start, this site has some great options to choose from! 

Natural Light

Natural light is nothing new, but it is still something that people forget about. Often those searching for a home are searching for natural light, however in London it is not the easiest to find depending on where you are looking. Brightening up a space is no easy feat, adding skylights, wall windows, or sliding doors requires builders and sometimes permits, not to mention it can be expensive. If you’re not in the market for full remodel, maximizing natural light can be as easy as painting brighter colours on the walls or getting new curtains that let more light in to a room. You could also consider rearranging so you are closer to the light, move a desk or dining table next to the window instead of placing it in the centre of a room. Also adding natural light can be an investment in your home if you're thinking of selling or you might simply end up saving on electricity!


Curves are making a comeback. In the 90’s and early 2000’s it was all hard edges and straight lines. The soft and groovy geometric shapes of the 70’s and 80’s had faded away. But the reality is curves are inviting, and bends in the lines are relaxing on the eyes. There is no defined start and finish, no clear point A to point B. Adding curves to your home can be quite easy, the simple addition of a few pieces of furniture or a dual-coloured wall with a curved shape running through the median can have a big impact. You can even find some DIY tricks to add curved corners or baseboards to places like your kitchen or living room. If you’re looking to do some redecorating just keep an eye out and you're almost guaranteed to find some designs you like.


This trend is a lifestyle more than just an aesthetic practice, in the last ten years designing with sustainable materials has become widely popular. What most people do not know is that everyday building materials can be very toxic for the environment, even simple materials such as concrete. But sustainability is not just purchasing eco-friendly products (which can be quite expensive), it is buying used furniture from a charity shop or reusing certain materials during a remodel. If you are a person or family that is constantly relocating and paying for shipping or storage space, renting furniture is even an alternative option. There are many ways to keep a sustainable home, and if you’re keen on finding more ideas how, look at this list of ten ways to keep your home sustainable.