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How We Make Being a Landlord Easy

When you think of an Estate Agent, you think sales. You think of properties selling and letting. You don’t necessarily think of the accounts team behind the scenes. We do not meet the clients and we do not show the properties. We are, however, integral.

A little while ago I was asked to share my thoughts on what separates my department from a similar department in another company. It took me no time at all to list the key things that I feel set us apart.


“It’s not my fault”

We collaborate and communicate with our sales teams. There is no “them and us” as is often the case between a sales team and an accounts team. We work together to ensure the process runs smoothly. There is no blame game. We are all working towards the same goal and we will do whatever is necessary to ensure the process runs smoothly for our clients. The process only fails when there is a breakdown in communication, and we work hard to prevent this from happening.


“The computer says no”

We are adaptable. The computer only ever says yes! Streamlining processes and automating where possible is so important to serve our clients. However, the human element is equally important. What makes our service stand out is the fact that our clients can have a conversation with their personal accountant about their preferences, and we will do our best to meet their individual needs. Exceeding our client’s expectations is always our end goal, so if that means working around an existing process and tailoring this to their requirements, we will try our absolute best to do it!


“Please email accounts@company.co.uk

We instil confidence and provide consistency. I am privileged to work within a team where the average length of service is just under 10 years. Three members of the team have been with D&G for 17 years! The benefits of this cannot be underestimated. When a Landlord can call and speak to Patricia, for example, who they have been speaking to for the past 12 years - that is priceless! We know our clients by name and vice versa. We know the history of their account and what they need.

It almost makes me cry a little on the inside when a company provides me with an email address to contact and it’s accounts@company.co.uk. I don’t want to email a team. I want to email or call a person, with a name! I want this person to take responsibility for my query. Someone I know I can call to follow up, without having to re-explain myself. I am proud to say this is the service we provide within the accounts team at D&G.


Keep it Simple

All these things are simple and not ground-breaking, but sometimes the best things are! We always try to put ourselves in our client’s shoes and provide an experience we would like to receive ourselves.