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Moving Tips and How To Survive

So you’ve found the perfect new home - congratulations! While this should be a time for getting excited about your future plans, it can often be overshadowed by the stresses of the move itself. From address changes to choosing the right removal company, moving house is a lot of work. Luckily for you, we’ve got some handy tips on how you can make the move as stress-free as possible.


The night before, you should pack an essentials bag with everything you’ll need for your first night so you don’t find yourself rummaging through countless cardboard boxes for a pair of pyjamas. As well as this, if you’re making the move with young children, put together an entertainment bundle to keep them occupied while you’re busy unpacking. You might also want to drop your pets off at a friend’s so they don’t get stressed by all the moving around.


When it’s finally time to leave, it’s helpful for both you and the next home-owners to take a snap of your meter readings and lay out any appliance manuals you have. Also, if your old house is going to be lying empty for any period of time, make sure to lock everything up and switch off all sockets at the wall.


When you arrive at your new home, you might feel inclined to get everything unpacked straight away. Top tip: it’s a good idea to clean a bit before you start moving things in, as it’ll be tougher to do this with boxes everywhere. Once you do this, the first things you should set up are the beds so you have something to crash into at the end of the day.



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