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London still the world's No.1 financial centre



DEC 2017: 'London's rival European cities not even close'


Source: Financial Management, CIMA


Despite uncertainty over the post-Brexit economic and political landscape, London is still ranked as the world’s top financial centre.


The Z/Yen Global Financial Centres Index, which is published every six months, scores cities out of a total 1,000 points and lists the UK capital as number one with 780 points.


New York is second with 756 points, and Hong Kong (744) has usurped Singapore to take third place in the latest ranking.


Paris and Dublin, the two cities that have positioned themselves to host financial services firms looking to relocate from post-Brexit Britain, are positioned 26th and 30th, respectively.


Centre                                   Current Rank                        Rating                                   Change in Rank



London, UK 1 780
New York, US 2 756
Hong Kong, China 3 744 +1
Singapore 4 742 -1
Tokyo, Japan 5 725
Shanghai, China 6 711 +7
Toronto, Canada 7 710 +3
Sydney, Australia 8 707
Zurich, Switzerland 9 704 +2
Beijing, Canada 10 703 +6


Source: Z/Yen Global Financial Centres Index