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How to Invest in Property in London


For anyone considering investing in UK property, London is an attractive first choice. It is the sixth richest city globally, beating the likes of Washington D.C and Osaka, and as one of the most iconic destinations in the world, the capital sees a wealth of tourists, overseas workers and investors take in its attractions, atmosphere and opportunities each year.  


London ranked first place in PwC’s study on 30 global cities, with key attributes being the city’s:


 - infrastructure

 - well-developed legal framework

 - breadth of education

 - connection to the rest of the world


While uncertainty persists and Britain’s exit from the European Union has been anything but smooth, investors are not quitting the UK property market.



Buy to Let Property in London


Capital appreciation is a main driving force for property investors. According to the ONS, the average London home cost around £115,000 in 1998. In 2008, that price rose to £351,000, and as of 2018, it stands at around £671,412.



Property Investment in London a Viable Option


The trend of property investment in London is expected to return to growth. With transaction numbers set to increase, and international investors expected to take advantage of currency rates, London property is still seen as a sound investment offering lucrative returns.


While areas like Knightsbridge, Notting Hill, South Kensington and Chelsea remain desirable, areas around Fulham and Battersea have also seen impressive growth in the property market.



How to Invest in London Property


Consider the UK buy to let market – The demand for rental property in the UK remains high, and a need for high-quality rental accommodation ensures a steady stream of income for landlords.


Find the best location – Location is key to finding the best property for investment. Countless regeneration projects continue throughout the city and billions of pounds are being invested into many of the capital’s most in-demand areas.


Know the risks – Property is not a risk-free investment. By identifying the risks involved, you can help minimise any potential pitfalls in the safest and most sensible way.


Consider price growth – When it comes to investing in property in London, UK price growth should not be ignored. Certain areas of London have been experiencing major house price growth and investors are benefitting from these. It is also important to establish an exit strategy.


Conduct thorough due diligence – This is the extensive process that should be undertaken before making any type of investment decision and is perhaps the most important of all property investment tips.



Buy Property in London


Get advice from property experts - If you are new to property investment, or the area, or simply want the best advice on entering the property market, Douglas and Gordon will guide you through the process from start to finish.