Tips from the Experts: Showing Your House in Winter

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 by Douglas And Gordon

Brighten Up


Most of our homes are fitted with 40-60 watt light bulbs. This is generally enough for everyday living, but when grey skies come rolling in, it can leave your home looking gloomier than normal. Replace your usual bulbs with brighter, warmer alternatives to show your home in its best light, and help potential buyers imagine what it might look like in better weather.


Keep it Cosy


Show off how great your house can really be in winter by keeping it cosy. Turn the heating up, light a fire and transform your home into the place to be this season. As potential buyers come in from the frosty weather outside, a welcoming – and warm – home helps them to picture surviving the winter months there for many years to come.



Don’t Forget About Your Garden


One mistake that many winter sellers make is forgetting about their gardens. Just because you aren’t spending much time in your outside area during winter’s blustering cold, doesn’t mean that potential buyers won’t want to inspect it. Winter can be particularly rough on gardens, so be sure to do some maintenance before a viewing. Trim the garden back, potentially lay new grass and add some colour by buying bright, seasonal plants and flowers.


Clean the Windows


This one may seem obvious, but it’s something that can have a huge effect on the way your home looks to buyers. Ensuring that all of your windows are squeaky clean means that you are allowing as much light into your property as possible. Again, this helps your house or flat look less gloomy and more appealing. The winter sun can be a powerful tool in both brightening and warming up your home.


Draw the Curtains


You wouldn’t normally keep your curtains open at night, would you? If you are having an evening viewing, do as you normally do when the sun goes down and draw your curtains or blinds. This will not only help give your house a more homely feel, but will help to shut out the unpleasant weather outside.



We hope you have found these tips for showing and selling your property in winter useful! Looking to sell your home? Have a look at our sales page for useful information for sellers, or contact one of our expert local sales consultants for advice.