Douglas & Gordon's Harrington Road - Street Gallery

Thursday, October 28, 2010 by Ivor Dickinson

When Douglas & Gordon acquired the estate agency Berkeley International in 2007 as well as the Kensington Church Street office, they also took over this Harrington Road site, near to South Kensington underground station. Because this site was close to both Douglas & Gordon’s existing South Kensington and Chelsea offices it was decided that instead of subletting it, we would turn it into a street gallery to allow graduate artists and designers to produce and show their own work in this key location. The most recent installation was by the LCC graduate, Shaz Madani, depicting her interpretation of the famous blue plaques of South Kensington depicted by falling pieces of stencilled white card. This piece achieved a huge amount of interest and became much loved by the local residents during its six month tenure.

Now Douglas & Gordon have commissioned a new artist, Jake Blanchard who graduated from Brighton University in 2008, he has already accrued commissions from some notable clients including the Guardian, Random House, the BBC and Nike. His work is typified by bold colours and simple shapes afforded by the screen printing process, with ideas of nature and mythology often forming a thematic focus as in this piece for D&G arts.

This installation is purposefully very different to Shaz Madani’s and is more colourful and eye catching than its more subtle predecessor.