Douglas and Gordon Christmas Videos 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012 by Douglas And Gordon

The D&G advertising campaigns have always been very creative, fresh and new. Over the last year we have been getting creative with video and have run some exciting projects like the hugely successful “Under Offer” and the amazing “Life In A Frame”. In keeping with the video theme this year Daisy Jenks was commissioned to create and show the D&G Christmas Spirit in our offices.

Daisy has been making films of parties, weddings and product launches since 2007 and if you look at some of her work you will quickly see why she was chosen to create the Douglas and Gordon Christmas Video Daisy spent over 3 weeks going to over 18 different locations in London to film over 35 different departments.

As with everything D&G do, we do it with pride and passion, so when Daisy came around to do the filming we went all out, not just inside our offices but out in the local community too.

We hope you enjoy our take on some Christmas classics.


The D&G Offices – All I want for Christmas

Support Offices - Do they know it's Christmas?

Head Office, Block Management and Property Managment