Building blocks that can house the homeless

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 by Douglas And Gordon

Shelter Building blocks


The Fonebak Scheme

Send us your old mobile phone, and in association with Fonebak, £5 goes to Shelter, the housing and homeless charity proudly supported by Douglas & Gordon.

Around 18 million mobile phones are replaced each year in the UK. But what becomes of the old ones?

Thrown into landfill, unwanted phones could generate 7,500 tonnes of potentially hazardous waste each year.

Most old phones are in working order, and can be recycled for use in developing countries, where the high cost of handsets is the biggest barrier to mobile phone use.

Let Fonebak give your old phone a new life. It costs you nothing, helps the environment, and raises much needed funds for Shelter.

Sending your re-usable phone in one of the red envelopes found in all Douglas & Gordon offices will raise £5 for Shelter’s vital work with homeless and badly housed people across Britain. All other handsets are recycled, so nothing ends up in landfill.

 For more information, call Shelter on 0845 458 4590 or visit