• Looking forward to 2011?

    Friday, December 24, 2010

    Looking forward to 2011?

    I think, apart from a minority who specifically deal with people who are so rich that, unlike Stuart Baggs they really are a Brand, most of us will be glad to see the back of 2010. For the doom mongers it’s been an irritating year as prices have held up, but it does hold the promise of salvation for them…..or does it.
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  • D&G Kids Company Day 1st December 2010

    Friday, December 10, 2010

    D&G Kids Company Day 1st December 2010

    There have been many highlights in my 24 years at Douglas & Gordon, but none comes close to the D&G/Kids Company Charity day. All our offices were closed on 1st December, and D&G’s 200 employees donned their Kids Co hoodies and took to the streets in icy conditions to forage for food. Never have I been so proud of this company, as each and every person worked their socks off from dawn to dusk, Block Management wrapping presents all day at Kids Company Headquarters, and the sales offices using all of their best selling techniques to extract food, toys and money from the good people of D&G land.

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  • Floating just far enough above the quagmire

    Tuesday, December 07, 2010

    Floating just far enough above the quagmire

    For years it’s been said that what starts in London spreads out to the rest of the country. Whether that’s been true in the past or not those of us who live in London recognize now perhaps that there’s a disconnect between us and the rest. Resentment outside the Capital towards those of us that live and work here has always been rife, but having been convinced we were all in this together I’m beginning to think that the London housing market might just be different, and lucky, enough to avoid some of the larger slowdowns affecting those living elsewhere.
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  • Market Report October 2010

    Friday, November 05, 2010

    Market Report October 2010

    As the frequency of negative reports on the UK housing market gathers pace, the impact on the Central London market is predictable – slowdown. As we predicted in our summer report, this does not necessarily mean price falls.
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  • Helping 1st Timers Onto The Housing Ladder

    Friday, November 05, 2010

    Helping 1st Timers Onto The Housing Ladder

    Helping 1st Timers Onto The Housing Ladder - Can Parents Help Their Kids Without Just Signing A Blank Cheque? Things are tough for First Time Buyers. While many have been counting down the days until they can finally buy a property of their own rather than living under their parents’ roof or paying someone else’s mortgage, the events of the past few years have conspired against them in a way that has left many wondering if they will ever be able to clamber on to that first rung.
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  • D&G are going foraging for food on 1st December

    Wednesday, November 03, 2010

    D&G are going foraging for food on 1st December

    Things aren’t as bad as you might think – we are still able to eat at D&G, even though the market has changed. However, there are thousands of children in London who are not so lucky. D&G have worked for over 10 years with the homeless charity Shelter. This year, however, they are doing something very different. All 200 D&G employees will dedicate 1st December to the extraordinary children’s’ charity Kids Company.

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  • Douglas & Gordon's Harrington Road - Street Gallery

    Thursday, October 28, 2010

    Douglas & Gordon's Harrington Road - Street Gallery

    When Douglas & Gordon acquired the estate agency Berkeley International in 2007 as well as the Kensington Church Street office, they also took over this Harrington Road site, near to South Kensington underground station. Because this site was close to both Douglas & Gordon’s existing South Kensington and Chelsea offices it was decided that instead of subletting it, we would turn it into a street gallery to allow graduate artists and designers to produce and show their own work in this key location. The most recent installation was by the LCC graduate, Shaz Madani, depicting her interpretation of the famous blue plaques of South Kensington depicted by falling pieces of stencilled white card. This piece achieved a huge amount of interest and became much loved by the local residents during its six month tenure.

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  • New build apartments in Hammersmith

    Wednesday, October 20, 2010

    New build apartments in Hammersmith

    Welcome to the only new build apartments in Hammersmith, providing excellent investment opportunity. Apartments now available off plan Hammersmith Central redefines the meaning of opportunity - 63 one bed and 13 two bed executive apartments, the only new building apartments in a prime conservation area and only 10 minutes from Knightsbridge and 20 minutes from the very heart of the Capital. Each apartment is specified with premier finishes and fittings, from luxuriously appointed bathrooms to fully integrated kitchen appliances, from Sky+ connections to Serozzetta Cinco door furniture. The apartments have been designed to offer an executive lifestyle maximising on natural light, space and well proportioned living areas.

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  • Buyers need to see the opportunities, right now.

    Thursday, October 14, 2010

    Buyers need to see the opportunities, right now.

    As a reasonably typical example of a home owner with a mortgage I’m in the middle of playing the fix vs tracker game. No fun and as likely to keep me awake as worrying why the headmaster had summoned me to his study. Surely an almost unprecedented 5 year fix at 3.69% is too good to resist. But is the fact that rate’s there at all a sign that rates will stay low. Therefore the 2.19% trackers about are surely a better bet, but only for two years and then if rates are going up…….arrrggghh.
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