• A little about the Chancellor's credentials

    Wednesday, December 09, 2009

    A little about the Chancellor's credentials

    There’s going to be a lot of waffle about the pre budget statement, but what amazes me is the credentials of the person who’s delivered it. Alastair Darling’s university career was alarmingly close to my own in chronological terms which, I suppose, makes me feel even more qualified to comment. Look it up, he was a solicitor for four years before becoming a public servant. I’m not decrying those who wish to serve, yet there seems to be a lowest common denominator amongst politicians that’s simply not found in the true altruist.
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  • Downturn without a downside: by Charlie Ellingworth of Property Vision

    Monday, December 07, 2009

    Downturn without a downside: by Charlie Ellingworth of Property Vision

    Charlie Ellingworth of Property VisionIt’s a funny world. We are now reckoned to be in the worst recession since the war with output down 4.9% since the beginning of 2008 and unemployment steaming towards two and a half million. Yet Goldman Sachs announced record profits and prices for Kensington property have increased by between 10% and 30% since October last year - depending on whose figures you believe. This is as counter intuitive as particle physics excepting, perhaps, the news from Goldmans: the quip going round New York trading floors is that when the nuclear holocaust strikes, there will only be three things left - cockroaches, Keith Richards and Goldman Sachs.

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  • Google vs Portals vs Printed media

    Friday, December 04, 2009

    Google vs Portals vs Printed media

    Property portals vs Google vs Printed media advertising. It’s staggering how those in the media and those who earn money by supplying services to those who advertise in the media misunderstand property advertising. This debate has been thrust under everyone’s noses again by the eruption of a debate, started by Dan Thomas in the FT yesterday, about Google’s possible (read certain) entry into the battle for property listings. I have no axe to grind here and like any agent will look for commercial advantage, and if Google are willing to offer a clean and useful service that, modelled on other services they provide, is free then I’ll be looking very carefully at it.
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  • A return to good sense......

    Monday, November 30, 2009

    A return to good sense......

    My last blog was reminding us how quickly things can change and here we are barely a week later and Dubai is in the poo and those very banks you and I bailed out have now decided there is going to be a double dip and have raised medium term fixed rates accordingly. There's obviously more going on than meets the eye in Dubai with Abu Dhabi perhaps witholding support until Dubai hands over State backed assets like Emirates that they've been coveting. But it's a wobble none the less with consequences that no one has yet worked out. In the last year or two many rushed to open HSBC accounts thinking they were safe and now suddenly they're talked of as taking a massive hit. Don't you just love the rumour mill.
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  • London Appeal with a Country Feel

    Monday, November 30, 2009

    London Appeal with a Country Feel

    Home for the Moores is currently a striking two bedroom maisonette, arranged over two floors. The grand Pimlico property is situated within a handsome white stucco fronted Grade II listed townhouse on St. George’s Square. "We fell in love with the living room, the high ceilings and the fact that you can enjoy the view of the square. We could immediately picture ourselves living there”. This was back in November 2005 and whilst their circumstances have changed, particularly in the last year, the love of their present home hasn’t.

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  • Formula for success: Petra Ecclestone on London

    Tuesday, November 24, 2009

    Formula for success: Petra Ecclestone on London

    PetraPetra Ecclestone, daughter of legendary billionaire entrepreneur and ‘F1 supremo’ Bernie Ecclestone, is not like other heiresses: she doesn’t seek the limelight and would much rather be hard at work on her own business than throwing herself in front of tabloid cameras. Having already struck gold with her menswear range, Form, she’s now launching a ‘fun, funky’, more affordable range for women as well - the appropriately titled Petra. In the middle of all this,  she found time to talk to us about her London property and her favourite haunts.

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  • If you thought a week was a long time in politics...

    Monday, November 23, 2009

    If you thought a week was a long time in politics...

    ...you should try the property market. With the Press cottoning on to the fact that the market is recovering and moving, and despite some doubt as to the rally's longevity, it really does seem as if potential sellers have suddenly flipped from not selling because they think the market’s on the way down to believing that we’re at the beginning of a bull run and that if they wait they’ll get more. An amazing and light switch fast change. It’s barely a month until Christmas and we’re still busy though, and even I am being persuaded that next year might carry on as this one appears to be finishing. My gut still thinks the risks for next year are large and even at this late stage of the year I’d go to the market rather than wait for the New Year like everyone else.
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  • Model Citizen: Capital FM’s breakfast host Lisa Snowdon drops by for a chat

    Friday, November 20, 2009

    Model Citizen: Capital FM’s breakfast host Lisa Snowdon drops by for a chat

    Lisa Snowdon lives in Greater London. You can listen to Lisa present 95.8 Capital FM's breakfast show with Johnny Vaughan every weekday from 6-10 am. Lisa Snowdon Since being signed as a model at the age of 19, Lisa Snowdon has remained firmly in the limelight. Currently presenting the Capital FM breakfast show and TV’s Britain’s Next Top Model, she’s still very much in demand, and she likes it that way…

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  • Douglas and Gordon named the best UK estate agent at The Negotiator Awards 2009

    Friday, November 13, 2009

    Douglas and Gordon named the best UK estate agent at The Negotiator Awards 2009

    I have had a few proud moments in my life,nauseating but true the births of my 3 daughters,being commissioned as an officer in The Coldstream Guards, being appointed Managing Director of D&G,but I can honestly say being named best UK estate agent at The Negotiator Awards 2009 is so far the proudest moment of my life. I have worked for Douglas & Gordon for 23 years and slowly but surely we have transformed what was a small independent agency with one office off Sloane Square established in 1958 into what I honestly believe is the most innovative,exciting agency in the country.Our success is probably down to our culture,which is totally unique and the incredibly high caliber of staff..........believe me,it`s very hard to get a job here!
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